Rusizi - Bwegera: far from everything


In the Rusizi plain, bordering Burundi and Rwanda. A very poor area with little water, except for a few scarce rains, and it is possible to cultivate only with great difficulty.

It is located in an area torn by wars and raids of various armies and rebel gangs with their dead, orphans and refugees deprived of any chance of survival.
The centre of Bwegera, which today welcomes children living in and around the rural settlement, was built to provide school education in this area.

In 1999 we started to support the primary school, which was installed in a dilapidated building but with excellent teachers.

In 2008/2009, after the many vicissitudes linked to the guerrillas, Mabawa managed to build a new school of 7 classrooms housing over 300 children and their 6 teachers.

On the large plot of 10,000 square meters, donated by the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo, where we built the first school, the Government has built during 2014 a new school that will probably be used for secondary education.

Until now, in fact, the best students attended (with a Mabawa scholarship) a very distant school.

Mabawa supports the school entirely:
- teachers' salaries
- purchase of teaching materials
- uniforms
- maintenance of structures

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