Great Nyamyumba: Agriculture and livestock

With the support of a private foundation, DSC Fosit and cows have been donated mainly by privates.

Agricultural development:


  • Great Nyamyumba: more than 220 hectares of terraced plantations, constructed by the local community from 2007-2012, divided into plots and handed out to local families, are farmed under the oversight of the democratically elected committee. Planned work includes: maintenance, cultivation and crop rotation (potato, wheat, beans, corn) and fodder for livestock. 16 hectares of terraces are for the Batwa-Pygmies project.


  • In 2011 a silo was built for storing seeds and other crops.


  • Cows: every family has received an animal (approximately 200 heads). Goats:whoever is not in a position to keep a cow receives a goat. Hens: given to all.


Training field trips:


  • Periodically, field trips to local projects are organised: banana plantations, terraces and their cooperatives, etc... which lead to constant improvements for the community.The two most important field trips have been: 

     2010 – Trip to Kibungo to learn about growing bananas. In 2014 saw the first harvest.

     2013 – Trip to Ruhengeri, home of the agricultural terrace, in search of new ideas. After this trip the Abadahirwa cooperative

     was founded in Nyamyumba, which aims to intensify production and improve sales.

     The results are already very promising.

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