February - March 2020

Katrine is back from Nyamyumba and brings a lot of news. It has to be said, however, that climate change has come hard, Rwanda has been underwater with dead and injured and fortunately Nyamyumba was built well: both the terraces and the houses were not damaged.

A week after Katrine's arrival it stopped raining and it was possible to get back to work!


Sono arrivate notizie riguardo al Covid-19 dal Rwanda. Il lockdown ha funzionato anche li ma dopo più di un mese hanno dovuto riaprire perché sennò morivano di fame.

I lavori in corso hanno dunque ripreso e a Nyamyumba (come per fortuna nel Rwanda rurale) per ora non abbiamo avvisaglie di infezioni.

In compenso in Congo... tragedia in corso.

Un'alluvione di dimensioni catastrofiche ha fatto morti e dispersi e vari feriti. Questo nella zona della nostra amata scuola di Bwegera: una parte è stata interamente distrutta ma non ci sono ancora notizie precise.

Non sappiamo ancora se e quando sarà possibile prendere in considerazione la ricostruzione.


February - March 2020

Katrine is back from Nyamyumba and brings a lot of news. It has to be said, however, that climate change has come hard, Rwanda has been underwater with dead and injured and fortunately Nyamyumba was built well: both the terraces and the houses were not damaged.

A week after Katrine's arrival it stopped raining and it was possible to get back to work!

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February - March 2020

Katrine is back from Nyamyumba and brings a lot of news. It has to be said, however, that climate change has come hard, Rwanda has been underwater with dead and injured and fortunately Nyamyumba was built well: both the terraces and the houses were not damaged.

A week after Katrine's arrival it stopped raining and it was possible to get back to work!

The sports field

Only the basket and the poles are missing to finish the project but the guys, as you can see, have not lost a minute to use it!

The library

Taking advantage of the space freed up in the former multi-purpose room, after the installation of the two computer classes, a library for students was installed.

We have a proposal for a supply of books from the non-profit organization Books for Africa.



We are looking for funds for the complete package, clicking on the link you can learn more.

At Mabawa will remain the burden of furnishing the spaces with tables, chairs, lighting for reading and some "basic" sofas.

The laboratories of the scientific section

The first two workshops have been in use since the beginning of the school year (just over a month) and we are very impressed!

The scientific section has proved to be an important, valid and necessary idea.


In the video, a student summarizes the lesson to her classmates.

We thought she was the teacher because of how good she is!

The corn silo dryer

The project for the construction of the sile-dryer where to store the corn harvested to avoid the formation of mold has started: it is still a little bit missing but there is time until the harvest that will take place in April-May.

An ...unexpected surprise

Ihe Government has thought well of installing three Pygmies families on Kajagali Hill in line with "our" new houses.
The houses were built in "umuganda" (community work) but are of very poor quality. Work is urgently needed before the rainy season, which is expected to be alarming.

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The construction of the new hypertension clinic is underway, taking advantage of the size of the useless space of the former dental practice, which is moved to a smaller but sufficient room for the purpose.


Approved by the Rwandan National Ethics Committee and the Ministry of Public Health, the hypertension project has entered its implementation phase: 25 "auxiliaires de santé" are in the villages affiliated to the Nyamyumba dispensary (around 1,500 people).


Subsequently, according to the results, the subjects affected by hypertension will be taken in charge by the local nursing medical staff, with the supervision of the project managers.

The aim of the project is to train local medical and health personnel to effectively take care of hypertensive patients, avoiding the development of serious complications.


Training and first screening in the villages:


The reference hospital on which our medical dispensary depends is building its new headquarters, we visited the site and we share some images.

Dear Friends, we invite you already now to reserve the evening of


Thursday 23 April 2020

from 6.15 p.m.


for our general meeting at the multipurpose room of Muzzano (via alla Selva 3). Follow the official invitation with more details!

Mid January 2020

Leon arrived in Ticino bringing good news from Nyamyumba. Here is the progress of the work on the sports field!

The place where the dryer will be built has been defined and confirmed: at the boundary between Nyamyumba and Kajagali, as originally planned. We have the funds to start the work; the enlarged cooperative of the Great Nyamyumba and Komezumurimo have taken over the construction and Mabawa will provide the material.

January 2020

The sports ground project for the secondary school received the funds and got underway.

In the Ministry of Education's plan, it is required that children play at least two hours of sport a week and it was now necessary to adapt ... and then, let's face it, sport is really a necessity for teenagers who work hard and do little or no exercise.

We hope to finish the work soon so that the boys can take advantage of it as soon as possible!

Dicembre 2019

December 2019

...and we left

Dr. F. Muggli, creator and creator of our hypertension project, immediately ran to Rwanda: many contacts with the authorities, all convinced of the validity of the project and we can count on their support. Dr. Bienvenu Muvunyi, director of the hospital in Munini, destined to become the reference centre of the hypertension project, is our most valuable pillar.


In Nyamyumba our doctor Muggli has set up a network of "health volunteers" at

who has been trained. We will have at our disposal, through a door-to-door screening of the communities that refer to the Nyamyumba dispensary (about 15,000 people) an important collection of fundamental data. 

The first results will soon be available.

October 2019

Great satisfaction for Mabawa:

we obtained the approval of the Ethics Committee from the Rwandan Ministry of Public Health for the Hypertension project.

The project can start in peace and quiet and develop the planned steps.

Cena d'autunno.jpg
Locandina ultimi posti.jpg

September 2019

As far as ongoing projects are concerned, we have:

- toilets and showers have been refurbished with the now proven system of water recovery from flushing

  showers; the girls now have 32 shower cubicles at their disposal... for over 200 girls.

- the 3 computer rooms obtained from the multi-purpose room, the library with reading room will be


- the second science lab is very close to the end and Architect Festus has done a very successful job.

- there are always a lot of secondary school scholars! 52 students... and what an achievement!

- the pygmies go ahead in improving the quality of their production with a "bell" of coverage that raises

  the temperature of the oven

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September 2019

We're back from Nyamyumba and we apologize for taking so long to bring you the latest news... Let's start with the health projects, particularly hypertension.

Great commitment and excellent result: Mabawa presented the project to the Ethics Committee of the Rwandan Ministry of Health. Dr. Franco Muggli was very clear, very good and ...synthetic! We are waiting for the final confirmation.

In Nyamyumba and Munini a lot of work was done with the two Ticinese nurses Barblina de Tann and Patrizia Venzin at first and with Professor Paolo Sutter afterwards. Great interest and turnout.

August 2019

At the beginning of the month Katrine and Dr. Franco Muggli will leave for Nyamyumba and with the help of two Ticino nurses, Patrizia and Barblina, they will work to make the heart project better and better!

We will work both in the Nyamyumba Dispensary and at our reference hospital in Munini. Photos and news will follow!

End of July 2019

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...and some pictures from the Bwegera school in Congo DRC. As you can see the new school is holding up very well but the old one built in 2008 with few means is in need of a refurbishment!

If you want you can help us by specifying "Bwegera".

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July 2019

Theotime, faithful to the commitment made to be supported by Mabawa's master's degree in agronomy and agrobusiness, is in Nyamyumba for supervision, solving various problems and... reinforcement in Komezumurimo. Thanks Theotime!

The construction of the second laboratory is also progressing by leaps and bounds, also because we have to take advantage of the dry period and the Ministry of Education is coming soon to give the certification for the scientific section.

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End of July 2019

June 2019

We have received some pics of the work just started for the construction of the second laboratory.

Second step towards the completion of the scientific section (3 labs: biology, chemistry and physics)

Alla scuola secondaria di Nyamyumba grande attività: lavori di ristrutturazione di docce e latrine costruite nel 2006 ed ancora funzionanti... ma in pessime condizioni. Era ora di procedere!

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Anche un piccolo aiuto fa una grande differenza per Nyamyumba

Aiutaci contribuendo a terminare i lavori... questi sono i servizi maschili ma anche i femminili ne hanno bisogno

È arrivata un'arnia particolare, spedita dall'Australia e regalataci da un nostro amico sostenitore.

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Katrine ha incontrato il Ministro della salute che ha suggerito miglioramenti nell'alimentazione dei ragazzi. Detto fatto: si comincia dalle uova e vedremo di integrare anche avocado e banane... Km0!

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Katrine e Ilaria sono appena rientrate da una visita nella Grande Nyamyumba, di seguito alcune fotografie.

Ci sono tante novità, tanti progetti stanno prendendo forma e le cose funzionano bene.

Komezumurimo si è ripresa dalla crisi con partenza della Presidente e va molto bene... Il bananeto sta ora producendo a sufficienza per tutti e per la scuola!

Il progetto ipertensione è in fase finale con l'approvazione del ministro della salute e la presentazione al comitato etico.

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Ce l'abbiamo fatta!

Malgrado i venti contrari...

La sezione scienze è diventata una realtà.

Un'enorme soddisfazione!

Per la scuola secondaria

Per gli studenti

Per il nostro comitato

Per chi ci ha sostenuti


Mabawa ha vinto il premio per il miglior progetto integrato per la provincia Sud. 

La televisione nazionale ha prodotto e trasmesso il video che trovate qui sotto... purtroppo solo in Kinyarwanda ma ne vale la pena per le belle immagini e la soddisfazione: in competizione c'erano grandi ONG con capitali a noi inaccessibili!

🧡 Grazie a tutti quelli che hanno permesso questo risultato. 🤗


La trasparenza ci sta a cuore:

Bilancio e Allegati

anno 2018

Rapporto attività







Le notizie del Congo RDC sono sempre tragiche ma sembra proprio che la nostra Bwegera sia un'isola felice.

Ecco le ultime foto degli esami di fine trimestre che Bitasira ci ha mandato.


Siete invitati all'assemblea per l'anno 2018 che si terrà il


11 aprile 2019

dalle 18:30

alla Sala Multiuso di Muzzano

Vi aspettiamo numerosi!

Cliccate sulla foto per ingrandire l'invito!

Schermata 2019-02-20 alle 10.21.23.png

Nell'attesa dell'assemblea date un'occhiata al fotolibro!


Ultime fotografie del laboratorio della sezione scientifica... Mancano solo gli allievi ma stanno arrivando!

Notizie da Bwegera, Congo RDC.

Risultati scolastici eccellenti, strutture che invecchiano e dopo 10 anni qualche ritocco si farà...



si unisce al villaggio della Grande Nyamyumba



a tutti i sostenitori



di serene e gioiose feste.

30 NOVEMBRE 2018

Una bella cena di Natale quella del 30 novembre al Glicine di Cernobbio. Pochi presenti, un'atmosfera speciale... Grazie a chi c'era 🧡!

20 NOVEMBRE 2018

Ecco alcune fotografie della serata Soroptimist del 20 novembre tenutasi all'Hotel de la Paix di Lugano. Katrine ha ripercorso per i presenti tutta la storia di Mabawa dal 1998 ad oggi. Grazie di cuore!


Sono tornata ed ecco qualche fotografia in attesa delle serate del 20 novembre e del 30, dove ne saprete di più! Venite numerosi!


In attesa del ritorno di Katrine, che ci racconterà le novità sui progetti in corso e sul villaggio ecco alcune fotografie fresche fresche dal Rwanda.

15 OTTOBRE 2018

Ciao a tutti, io parto domani notte e vado indovinate dove...


Al mio ritorno spero di vedervi numerosi a questi appuntamenti, o almeno a uno dei due :) Un abbraccio e spero di riuscire a mettere tante foto di Nyamyumba su facebook e sul sito. Per ora ci sono le ultime notizie che mi sembrano davvero incoraggianti (galleria foto sotto). Komezumurimo non delude mai! Aaaaaah le donne :)

Katrine K.